Weston on the Green

Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31

Transport & highways

The tasks for this group include:

  • Traffic survey and forecasts
  • Liaison with Oxfordshire County Council (highways and Rights of Way officer), Thames Valley Police
  • Review of best practice traffic calming measures elsewhere
  • Public transport
  • Village footpaths and rights of way

For more details about the tasks,, click here.

Movement, transportation and character of village streets will need to be an integral part of the Plan.

Traffic calming proposals

The Task group has drawn upon suggestions made at the August 2015 public meeting and developed traffic calming proposals for the B430 and Church Road/Church Lane, concentrating on traffic safety improvements, particularly for pedestrians.

These were displayed on the exhibition panels at the October village consultation meetings and can be viewed here as PDF files:

  • Suggestions for improvements following the August public meeting (PDF = 23 kB)
  • Traffic calming suggestions - B430 (PDF = 375 kB)
  • Traffic calming suggestions - Church Road/Church Lane (PDF = 330 kB)
  • Suggested policies that could form part of the Neighbourhood Plan, including an explanation of the extent of the Neighbourhood Plan area (PDF = 28 kB).

To view a map showing the boundary (marked in red) of the Plan area, click here.